The Fairy Tails Dog Day Care in ​Hastings

Doggie Day-Care in Hastings - Dog daycare centre - No kennel - Home away from Home


The day-care program at the Fairy Tails offers a fun and safe place for your dog to come and play. It is a great way for him/her to stay happy, active and well. It also gives them the opportunity to socialise with fellow furry friends. We have plenty of toys for entertainment and enrichment. We also offer an abundance of belly rubs and scratches behind the ear.


07:30 am - 06:30 pm

                                                              Mon - Fri

Daily - £10/day

Weekly - £45/week





Your furry friend will stay mud-free, clean, dry and comfortable in our house with a spacious large garden to run around.


There are also discounts available for multiple dogs and for block booking in the same family. Please call for further details.

If you would like your dog to receive a lunch while here at the Fairy Tails, you may bring in your own food. 

 Doggie Daycare Charges

Dog Daycare Charges
Per Day £10
Weekly £45
Pick up & Drop off £5 

Our Opening Times


Sunday  Closed
Monday  0800 - 1700
Tuesday  0800 - 1700
Wednesday  0800 - 1700
Thursday  0800 - 1700
Friday  0800 - 1700
Saturday  0800 - 1700


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on 07842116216, email us, use our contact form or book an appointment online.



Brushing requires the appropriate tools. There are as many different types of brushes as there are types of coats on a dog. Ideally, you need two brushes: one with widely spaced teeth for the coat's outer layer and a finer-spaced brush for combing and brushing around the face. You can ask your veterinarian or groomer for a recommendation.

Dogs are content without a bath. "Doggy smell" is mostly caused by a buildup of bacteria and oil on a dog’s coat. Bathing will eliminate this build up. Be careful with "over-bathing." This can lead to dry skin and irritation. Unless your dog is particularly dirty, bathing once or twice a month is enough for most types of breeds. Also, don’t use shampoo designed for people. Baby shampoo is safe and won’t irritate the eyes, but the detergents are so mild that they won’t remove heavy grime or grease. Ideally, purchase cleaning products formulated for your dog. Your veterinarian, local dog groomers or local pet speciality store can help you in purchasing the right one.

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Contact Us

The Fairy Tails

100 Parker Road
TN34 3TT

Tel: 07842116216


To keep dog's coat healthy and shiny;

- Feed your dog a          healthy and well     

  balanced diet.
- Supplement your        dog's    diet with          omega fatty   


- Groom your             

  dog regularly. 

- Bathe your dog with    doggy shampoo.

- Check for parasites       & fleas.