Dog Grooming Appointments

For dog grooming, now there is no need for lengthy waits on phones or replies from text messages, you can simply book it online.


With few simple clicks, you can book your dog for a grooming or nail clipping at a time which suits you. Our intelligent calendar management system lets us keep track of all the appointments and let our clients choose the suitable time for a groom. 


You can always be assured that your dog will always get a one to one service. We do not book appointments for commercial reasons but for the client experience.  

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The Fairy Tails

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To keep dog's coat healthy and shiny;

- Feed your dog a          healthy and well     

  balanced diet.
- Supplement your        dog's    diet with          omega fatty   


- Groom your             

  dog regularly. 

- Bathe your dog with    doggy shampoo.

- Check for parasites       & fleas.